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“Financial literacy into schools“ has been designed as a compact tool for elementary and high-school teachers and also for parents and students who want to understand better the financial topics and effectively use this knowledge in every day life.

This project is our reaction to increasing indebtedness of Czech families. We think that prevention focused on young people can be a way how to change it because low financial literacy is one of the reasons why people are not economical with their money and why they often take out many loans.

For students we organize lessons and workshops including many important topics from the field of financial literacy, for example – money, saving and planning, financial institutions, family economic activities, banks, etc. This year we have held the first annual Cost out it yourself! (Rozpočti si to! in Czech) – it is an interactive financial literacy event for elementary school pupils and their parents or teachers.

Teachers can attend our credential training which helps them how to teach financial literacy effectively. It is also possible to check in our free webinars.

Educational materials for the financial literacy teaching must be of good quality as well as it must be attractive for students. Our portal associates a portfolio of materials and information useful for teachers and parents.


What you should know before you start to use our educational materials

Web portal of “Financial literacy into schools“ has not been designed for the purpose of profit in the first place. It is also independent  that is why there are not promoted  any particular financial products and services.  All materials you can find here are free but  for using them or their parts please do not forget to mention Yourchance o.p.s. as a source of your information because all materials created for this project are subjects to copyright law and are protected by trademark yourchance®

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